About Ayala

About Ayala

Since 1834, we at Ayala have been the country’s long standing partner in its pursuit for progress and nation building. We have been developing businesses that transform industries, challenging the status quo, and bringing innovations here in the Philippines and abroad that contribute to the nation’s social and economic agenda.

We constantly look for possibilities in the market to drive advancement. We see challenges as opportunities and tackle problems differently. We explore new dynamic business models and introduce pioneering products and services. We empower our leaders and employees to take initiative and make an impact in everything we do.

Because no matter what business we enter, our goal isn’t just to succeed, but to reinvent the way things work to change people’s lives for the better.

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As a group, Ayala aims to meet the Filipinos’ evolving demands by providing practical solutions that balance quality and affordability. We have ventured into areas that touch on the basic needs of Filipinos—from building sustainable communities throughout the country, to widening access to financial services, improving connectivity, providing clean potable water, and expanding beyond our shores to cater to the needs of a globalized economy.

In recent years, we have taken a more deliberate approach to integrating the needs of a wider ecosystem into our business plans and in our continued symbiotic relationship with our stakeholders. We diversified into sectors that are going through important social and economic transformation and are critical to sustaining our country’s economic progress—industrial technologies, hard infrastructure through power and transport, and social infrastructure through healthcare and education.

From today, our emerging businesses will take on a unified brand identity, where they establish a clear connection to Ayala, while having the space to grow as they become industry leaders in their own right. Collectively, AC Industrials,  AC Infra, AC Health and AC Education will further drive innovation, synergy and dynamism for the Ayala group.

We see potential.

While others see challenges, we see potential in markets that are not being served well and become the drivers for its transformation. When we see the potential to make a difference, we challenge convention.

We make businesses better.

We believe that success in business requires constant work, and the work lies in its people doing things the right way to generate trust. This trust allows businesses to further develop and create a bigger impact that brings about greater change.

We improve lives.

We are fueled by the hopes and dreams of others, and are committed to giving people the opportunity to lead improved lives. By making good business that doesn’t just focus on returns, we contribute to the communities that we serve, and ultimately to the country as a whole.

With our decisions and actions guided by these three principles, Ayala is making a wider, more sustainable, impact in crucial fronts for progress, intent on accelerating the future for Filipinos.


Anchored on values of integrity, long-term vision, empowering leadership, and with a strong commitment to national development, Ayala fulfills its mission to ensure long-term profitability and value creation. Ayala creates synergies as it builds mutually-beneficial partnerships and alliances with those who share its philosophies and values.


We will be the most relevant, innovative and enduring Philippine-based business group, enabling shared value and prosperity for the many stakeholders we serve.

A culture of empowering leadership has encouraged some of the most strategic, dynamic and imaginative talents to thrive as Ayala’s leaders, navigating our course towards a more relevant and sustainable business.


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Our Core Values: the Ayala DNA


We do the right thing in every decision that we make.

Long-Term Vision

We build sustainable businesses.

Empowering Leadership

We bring out the best in each other as leaders at any level.

Commitment to National Development

We respond to the country’s changing needs.

Our Brand

Foresight; innovation; trust: words synonymous to the Ayala brand. With a solid reputation in long-established markets, and an emerging presence in fields and industries that address the changing needs of Filipinos today, we’re aligning our strategies with social goals to be a force of positive change for communities throughout the nation. Empowered by a legacy built on integrity, Ayala is accelerating the future today through brands that have earned the trust of the people we serve.