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Ayala Corporation is the oldest and one of the largest conglomerates in the Philippines with core interests in real estate, banking, telecommunications, and power. It also has portfolio investments in various industries including water, industrial technologies, infrastructure, health, and education, which are envisioned to drive growth in the long-term. Additionally, Ayala has a social commitment arm, Ayala Foundation, which is focused on bettering the lives of Filipinos primarily by strengthening education, youth leadership, sustainable livelihood, and arts and culture in the country.

With headquarters in Makati City and operations mainly in the Philippines, it continues to grow its regional and global footprint, serving millions of customers across all market segments.

Core Value Drivers



Leading and most diversified property developer in the country with the largest landbank

Market cap: ~$11.6B​
to equity earnings: 30%

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Pioneering financial institution and one of the most profitable banks in the country

Market cap: ~$7.5B​
% to equity earnings: 26%

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Purveyor of the Filipino digital lifestyle supported by a robust telecom infrastructure

Market cap: ~$5.4B​
% to equity earnings: 13%

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Ayala’s platform for physical infrastructure interests: AC Energy, a fast-growing regional energy platform; Manila Water, a regional player in water infrastructure services and development; and AC Infra, a portfolio of key infrastructure projects in the Philippines

% to equity earnings: 27%

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*Market cap figures are as of January 2021, % to equity earnings are average from 2017-2019

% to equity earnings of AC Energy and Infrastructure are the combined shares of AC Energy and MWC

2019 Financial Performance