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Press Releases


April 2020



APRIL 20, 2020

Esteemed shareholders, my colleagues on the Board and management, ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon to all of you.


The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to be felt globally, and the crisis is set to hit the most vulnerable the hardest.

Our various businesses within the Ayala group have been proactive in mobilizing resources to help overcome the challenges. 

We are fortunate that there are no known Covid cases among ACE Enexor and AC Energy Group employees. The Company is fully supportive of the government efforts to address the challenges by ensuring the health and safety of our employees and their families, providing support to immediate communities where we operate, and supporting broader efforts such as feeding programs, creation of additional health facilities, and the provision of medical supplies and PPEs. 

Headwinds encountered, but we remain on course

Amidst the current challenges we are making progress on the Company’s initiatives. Significant strides have been made on investments and towards exploratory drilling, yet we acknowledge that headwinds were encountered on the macro environment in which we operate.

The year was marked by oversupply, few reserves replacement, and modest annual increase in capital spending. From a high of $86 per barrel in 2018, Brent crude settled in the $60 level through most of 2019. Meanwhile the COVID-19 crisis reached pandemic levels in early 2020, severely affecting economic activity and oil demand, resulting in Crude prices declining to less than $30 per barrel. 

We anticipate that the same challenges we experienced will persist into 2020. The local upstream sector has been in dormancy in the last four years. 

Efforts to revitalize exploration have so far not achieved the desired results, despite the latest petroleum bid round that was formally launched in November 2018.


Your Company is well aware of the country’s dire need for replacement reserves.  Palawan55 Exploration & Production Corporation, ACE Enexor’s subsidiary, has responded proactively by bringing its primary asset, Service Contract 55, closer to exploratory drilling. 

A big positive of our efforts was Palawan55’s acquisition of the entire participating interest of its erstwhile foreign partner, thereby doubling its stake in SC 55 to 75%, highly encouraged by the results of its technical studies centered on a gas discovery made in the area in 2015.

Furthermore, just last week, the DOE confirmed SC 55’s entry into the Appraisal Period, with a commitment to drill one exploratory well within the first two years of the said time frame. Two candidate target sites are currently being evaluated using leading edge standards, and upon completion of the assessment, preparations for drilling will commence soon after.

Looking ahead to the future of oil and gas exploration

2019 has been a year of good progress for our Company. Our decisions and actions during this period positioned us well to work on our future growth and aid in the country’s future energy landscape.  

The business of oil and gas exploration continues to be challenging, uncertain and very complex. With your continued trust and support, we will constantly pursue business growth and value creation while we move towards playing a significant role in helping the country’s energy security in due course.

Thank you.