Press Releases


September 2020

Healthway expands to become the largest clinic network in the country

Ribbon cutting at Healthway Multi-Specialty Center Market! Market! on September 16, 2020; In photo (L-R): Kim Nalda, MD, Healthway Multi-Specialty Center Market! Market! Clinic Manager; Carmie De Leon, Healthway Corporate Clinic General Manager and VP of Sales and Marketing; Paolo Borromeo, AC Health President and CEO; Paul Darocca, Healthway President and CEO; Suzanne Ringler-Pama, MD, Healthway Multi-Specialty Center General Manager and Chief Medical Officer; Rizzy Alejandro, MD, AC Health Strategy and External Affairs Head; Nalyn Tomada, RN, Healthway Deputy, Specialty Clinics Head

Healthway Medical will expand its network to over 100 Family, Multi-Specialty, and Corporate Clinics, to become the largest network of clinics in the country. In line with this expansion, Healthway unveiled its new brand on September 16, 2020 at its Healthway Multi-Specialty Center in Market! Market!.

As the integrated clinic arm of Ayala Healthcare Holdings, Inc (AC Health), Healthway aims to offer a broader set of quality, accessible, and affordable healthcare services, covering primary to multi-specialty care. These services will be delivered across three distinct clinic formats: Healthway Family Clinics for community-based primary care, Healthway Multi-Specialty Centers for mall-based specialty services and diagnostics, and Healthway Corporate Clinics for corporate clients. Healthway will soon have a network of 70 Healthway Family Clinics, 7 Healthway Multi-Specialty Centers, and 45 Healthway Corporate Clinics, located across the Greater Metro Manila Area.

“We are excited to integrate our clinic network under the Healthway brand. For over 20 years, the Healthway name has become synonymous to quality healthcare and has been well-regarded by patients and medical professionals. Our clinics play such a vital role in our ecosystem, serving as the first point of care for many of our patients, especially in this pandemic. With this expansion, we can truly be wherever our patients need us,” AC Health President and CEO Paolo Borromeo said.

Healthway Family Clinic, formerly FamilyDOC, will continue to be a 3-in-1 community-based primary clinic, offering consultation, diagnostics, and pharmacy services. Healthway Multi-Specialty Center, formerly Healthway Medical, will complement these primary care services with its comprehensive range of outpatient services including specialty consults, imaging, laboratory, specialized diagnostics, ambulatory surgical services, dental services, and physical therapy. To date, the entire clinic network has served nearly 3 million patients.

“Expanding Healthway has pushed us to create more synergies amidst this new normal. We have innovated our service offerings, bringing consults, testing, and medicines direct to patients’ homes. Even as we have ramped up our COVID services, we know our patients will still need other healthcare services, and we’ve worked hard to ensure our clinics are a safe place for them to get the care they need,” Healthway President and CEO Paul Darroca said.

To improve access to care during this health crisis, Healthway has proactively responded by offering COVID-19 RT-PCR testing, home healthcare services, drive-thru lab testing, and outpatient chemotherapy infusion. To promote preventive care, the clinic network has also offered vaccination programs and medicine delivery.

Healthway has also taken the necessary measure to keep clinics safe and clean. In each location, patients are required to wear masks and face shields at all times and proper patient triaging is enforced. Physical distancing and terminal disinfection are also implemented to give patients a safe and reliable space for their healthcare needs. Since March, nearly 250,000 in-clinic assessments have been conducted by the Healthway network.