Ayala Sustainability

Created in 2021

CEO Succession Plan

Mr. Fernando Zobel de Ayala
assumed the position of
CEO in 2021 from Mr. Jaime
Augusto Zobel de Ayala

Business Commission
to Tackle Inequality

Ayala Corporation’s President and
CEO became a Commissioner.

CFO Network of WBCSD

Ayala Corporation’s Chief
Finance Officer became
an official member.



Business Ethics


Economic Value Distribution


Supplier Sustainability


Community Engagement

Ayala Corporation has established itself as a strong corporate leader anchored on a robust culture that readily adapts to the needs of a dynamic business and regulatory landscape. Committed to the principles of transparency, integrity, fairness, accountability, and professionalism, the company embeds good governance in its strategic vision and goals, which resonates in Ayala’s engagement with its shareholders and stakeholders.

The synergy between the Board and Management allows for the establishment and implementation of effective policies and appropriate processes supported by reliable mechanisms. Ever evolving, Ayala pushes the boundaries as it strives to continuously improve on its governance practices emboldened by an independent and transformational board and supported by a highly competent management team led by Ayala’s Chief Executive Officer and President.

“This is an exciting time for institutions, individuals, and dare I say, countries. But it is not easy; it requires a different mindset. It comes with a whole new way of looking at things, and we will have to reinvent ourselves.”

Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala at the 2021 Integrated Corporate Governance, Risk Management and Sustainability Summit

How We Manage Our Impacts

Internal Governance Mechanisms

  • Accountability and Audit (External and Internal)

  • Disclosure and Transparency


  • Board Diversity

  • Term Limit for Independent Directors

  • Multiple Board Seats

  • Code of Conduct and Ethics

  • Related Party Transactions

  • Whistleblower

  • Procurement Policy


  • Board, Management Teams, Operational Teams, Governance, and Legal

Stakeholders and Partnerships

  • Investor and Shareholders, Government Agencies and Shareholders, Bank Counterparties and Creditors, Communities


Sustainability Committee

Within the Board of Directors is the Sustainability Committee, which Ayala Corporation created to uphold higher levels of governance. The committee reports to the board.

With an eye on inclusivity, the Committee is composed of two male and one female members, who are: Cezar P. Consing – Chairman, Keiichi Matsunaga – Member, and Rizalina Mantaring – Member.

Their primary responsibility is to oversee the sustainability direction, strategies, and programs across the group–ensuring that they are aligned to the company’s profitability while keeping the balance with governance and environmental and social initiatives.

In 2021, its maiden year, the Committee held two meetings. It aims to increase this number given the increase in ESG initiatives across the group.

Relevant SDGs

2021 Performance Overview

+50% of Ayala Companies spend their procurement budgets on local suppliers₱509.9 M Economic Value Generated Groupwide
~23,500 Food packs for families distributed by the Ayala Group through #BrigadangAyala₱252.7 M Economic Value Generated Parent Company Level