Total jobs generated throughout the Ayala group


Increase in total jobs generated


Sustainable Engagement Score


Participation in the bi-annual Employee Engagement Survey


Employee Engagement and Mental Health
Training and Development
Occupational Health and Safety
Child Labor
Forced Labor
Product Quality and Safety
Customer Privacy
Security Practices

Ayala Corporation engages and cares for our partners in creating meaningful impacts to our employees, customers, and overall, in our society. We continue to encourage diversity among our ranks, from the management down, hiring based on competence and experience regardless of gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, color, religion, age, marital status, disability, economic status, or political affiliation.

Our compensation and benefits packages are some of the most competitive among employers, and we endeavor to make our employees feel supported in ways beyond their salaries.

What began as programs to help them cope with the effects of the pandemic has evolved into regular avenues of support addressing their health–physical, mental, and social. Ayala Corporation provided some relief from the stresses of the pandemic. We have continued all these efforts to aid their survival and growth, with learning and development courses and other activities.

Strict observance of health and safety protocols show how much we value our employee and customer wellbeing. Strict observance of health and safety protocols show how much we value our employee and customer wellbeing—and this extends to their data privacy. Among our priorities is also customer satisfaction wherein we monitor the ratings to gain insights on how best to maintain or improve our products and services.

How We Manage
Our Impacts


Recruitment, Compensation, and Retrenchment Policy
Recruitment, Compensation, and Retrenchment Policy

The recruitment in the organization shall be handled primarily by the Talent Management unit of the company. As appropriate, all openings and related information shall be made available by the unit to both internal and external channels. In hiring part-time or full-time employees, the company considers the applicant’s skills, qualification, and experience. In hiring, the company does not discriminate gender, sexual orientation, , race, ethnicity, color, religion, age, marital status, disability, economic status and political affiliation. Compensation and benefits packages are carefully reviewed and offered fairly, reflect and match the person’s qualifications, and benchmarked appropriately against industry levels while ensuring that these packages adhere to all applicable laws and government regulations. Any transactions involving third-party employers will be under the management of the Human Resources unit. At the minimum, engagement with these third-party suppliers must comply with all labor standards and other related regulations.

In cases where retrenchment cannot be avoided, the company ensures adherence to all related legal requirements. Before termination or redeployment, the company explores options such as, but not limited to: freeze hiring, grant of retirement options, or provision for training programs to provide alternative skill sets. When termination of employment or redeployment is imminent, the company ensures that the employee is properly informed and given proper assistance in the process. Compliance to all related regulations is assured, particularly with the requirements of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE). This policy is not applicable for terminating employment of non-performers or employees with unsatisfactory disciplinary behaviors.

Employee Development and Industrial Relations Policy
Employee Development and Industrial Relations Policy

The organization supports the development of its employees. While the employees are encouraged to take responsibility for their own development, the company is committed to provide training and learning opportunities to further assist them in their professional growth. Opportunities may come from internal and external sources, including academic, professional, technical or industry-related training, career development programs, conferences, workshops, and certification courses. The company remains committed to providing necessary support and assistance to the employees for their development, including appropriate appraisal and feedback.

This policy also affirms that career advancement or promotion opportunities are to be made available to all employees in a fair manner, with consideration of their skills, work-related accomplishments, overall performance, work ethic, and initiatives beyond their current assignments—as part of the qualifications apart from the minimum requirements for the position. The promotion process is handled by the Strategic Human Resources unit which ensures that each candidate is given a fair opportunity, with no discrimination as to the person’s gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, color, religion, age, marital status, disability, economic status and political affiliation.

Ultimately, as employees remain connected to the organization, the company recognizes their right to organize themselves and engage in harmonious negotiation exercises, ensuring amicable settlement of disputes, and that employees receive the right economic value befitting their contribution at work.

Occupational Health and Safety and Hazards Management Policy
Occupational Health and Safety and Hazards Management Policy

The well-being of Ayala employees is important to us. In this regard, the organization remains responsible in ensuring the employees’ occupational health and safety. The organization remains committed to being compliant to related regulations on industrial health and safety, both locally and globally.

A fundamental part of this commitment is informing and training the employees on disaster preparedness, and in conducting their activities in a safe, healthy, and responsible manner. The organization realizes that an assessment of the risks related to business and employees is critical and to this end, the organization ensures a continuous and updated review and assessment of the related processes. It is important that hazards to the organization are identified clearly to ensure quick and proper response in mitigating these elements. This includes identifying activities that minimize the risks, and establishing control measures benchmarked with industries’ best practices.

Policy on Child Labor and Forced or Compulsory Labor
Policy on Child Labor and Forced or Compulsory Labor

For the purposes of this policy, a “child” is defined as an individual who is below 18 years of age, and “forced or compulsory labor” is any service exacted from a person who is unwilling, under the threat of penalty or menace. The organization recognizes that these are part of global issues and does not support such practices in its local or global operations. The organization acknowledges that employers have important roles to play and are ultimately responsible in ensuring that its workforce is treated with dignity and respect. Ayala does not tolerate the use of child labor or forced labor.

  • Board, Management Teams
  • Operational Teams
  • Human Resources Teams
Our SDG Initiatives

2021 Performance

Inclusive Workplace


Direct hires


New hires

1 : 1.33

Male to female ratio

Training and Advancement

2.4 M

Total training hours

Ayala Corporation generated a total of 117,851 jobs, a 12-percent increase from 104,841 in 2020. This signifies operations across the group are picking up and companies are beginning to accelerate after the disruption due to the pandemic.

Among our total direct hires of 85,869 are 60,150 permanent and 25,719 temporary employees. Temporary employees increased by 126 percent from 2020 due to expanded operations of Ayala Land and AC Health.

Meanwhile, total new hires increased by 18 percent from 10,105 in 2020 to 11,898 in 2021. Indirect hires decreased by 30 percent as companies across the group continued to have low levels of support.

Attrition rate was at -5 percent, a marginal increase of 2 percent from 2020 levels, which suggests some difficulty in filling our vacant positions.


Conducive Workplace at Ayala

A conducive workplace is a priority of Ayala for its workforce.

Employee Engagement

From May 24 to June 4, 2021, we administered the Ayala Engage 2021 questionnaire. This focused on five key metrics designed to measure what key actions can be taken to make Ayala Corporation a better place to work in.

2021 Ayala Group Sustainable Engagement Participation Rate and Results:



Sustainable Engagement Score



of employees want to stay




There were 41,190 participants out of 41,722 invited Ayala group employees. This amounts to 98.7% attendance, with participants employed in 76 participating companies under 10 cluster group companies.

3 points higher than the Global High-performing Norm

4 points higher than the Philippine National Norm

Ayala Corporation’s highest engagement result in four cycles

The five key metrics are:

  1. Execution excellence
  2. Customer focus
  3. Empowerment and accountability
  4. Sustainable engagement
  5. Retention

Nine of the 76 questions centered on three specific aspects: Engage, Enable, and Energy. These questions determined the level of each employee’s participation and involvement in the company. We used the Willis Towers Tool to segment the participants into four categories, with the corresponding percentages:


Highly engaged

They fully agreed to all nine questions under Engage, Enable, and Energy.



These are employees who are traditionally engaged but lack enablement, energy, or both for complete engagement. They need support in terms of work tools, team assistance, or changes in the work environment. These are our quick wins.



These are team members who are energized, enabled, or both, but lack a sense of traditional engagement in the company.



These are team members who have less favorable scores in the three aspects of Sustainable Engagement.

59% Highly Engaged

25% Unsupported

5% Detached

12% Disengaged

Notably, the highly engaged members increased by 18 percent since the 2019 result. The detached and disengaged employees also declined from 34 percent total to 17 percent.

To the question: “At the present time, are you seriously considering leaving this company?” Around 26,000 or 63 percent of employees confirmed they were staying in the company. Around 15 percent replied they were thinking of leaving. Some 21 percent said they were not sure or they did not know yet at the time of the survey.

63% Staying in the company

15% Considering leaving

21% Not sure or don't know

Inclusive Workplace

Female employees are at about 34,000 while male employees are at about 26,000, resulting in a male-to-female ratio of 1:1.33.

Employees aged 30 to 50 comprise 58 percent of direct hires, signifying that there are more people across the organization who are at a phase in their lives when they are establishing their careers and/or building a family.

All companies comply with allocation of parental leaves (maternal, paternal, and solo-parent leaves). On maternity leaves, 58 percent of those who availed have returned to the company and continue to be employed 12 months after. This shows that Ayala supports women in their journey to motherhood as they continue to fulfill their career goals.

Across the group, 17 percent of women are in the Senior Management team, and it is the company’s vision to increase this number.

Persons with disabilities are welcomed in our workforce. Currently, select Ayala companies track their PWD employees. However, the group aims to monitor this closely starting the next reporting cycle.

Ayala’s policy on Recruitment, Compensation, and Retrenchment also emphasizes that we ensure inclusivity and non-discrimination. All applicants are given fair treatment and opportunities based on their skills, qualification, and experience. For employees, their potential contribution to the company’s growth is also considered. We do not condone discrimination in any form, whether it is in gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, color, religion, age, marital status, disability, economic status, or political affiliation.

To further understand how we can promote Diversity and Equality across the group, Ayala joined WBCSD’s Business Commission to Tackle Inequality (BCTI), where Ayala’s President and CEO, Fernando Zobel de Ayala, is a Commissioner. This is an initiative by WBCSD with the view of mobilizing the global business community to jointly work on addressing different types of inequality.

Our membership in BCTI is one of our partnerships that helps us align our goals and strategies with a global perspective.


Compensation and Benefits

Ayala provides competitive compensation and benefits packages that are benchmarked against industry standards. For senior executives and key talents, Ayala offers a long-term incentive program. In April 2021, the Board approved the grant under the stock ownership program to eligible executives from the 3 percent of the company’s authorized capital stock allocated by the stockholders. The basis for the grant is consistent outstanding performance record over a period of three years. The grant price is based on the rounded-off volume weighted average prices of the stock at the Philippine Stock Exchange over the last five-day trading from April 16 to 22, 2021.

Training and Development

Throughout 2021, Ayala continued to push for professional development across its workforce in accordance with its Employee Development and Industrial Relations Policy.

Various programs were offered fairly to employees to help them:

  • Develop their technical skills
  • Improve functional knowledge
  • Strengthen soft skills
  • Overview of updates on legal topics like Data Privacy
  • Explore areas of personal interest

Internal and external learning opportunities were opened to employees across the group. iPeople, the education arm of Ayala, supports more than 300 employees in their post-graduate studies for professional development. IMI continues to provide learning materials through its IMI University, its bespoke e-learning platform.

Globe has also invested millions for its employees’ learning and development, and strengthened its Globe University. It is also an e-learning platform that provides its employees with a wide range of courses to support professional development.

Ayala Corporation continued to offer Degreed and Coursera, another learning platform that offers a variety of courses that employees can take anytime, anywhere, at their own pace.

Total training hours reached a total of 2.4 million across the group and averaged at 40.25 hours or about 5 days of full training per person. Majority of the total training hours provided were for the rank-and-file employees. Ayala further ensures that Senior Management continues their knowledge and skills improvement, and a part of this is through their participation in Ayala Summits.

2.4 M

Total training hours


Average training hours

One of the annual key summits in the Ayala Group is the Integrated Corporate Governance, Risk Management, and Sustainability Summit. Attendance earns executives four hours-worth of credit by the SEC.

Called “The Board’s Agenda: A Pathway to Recovery through ESG,” the summit is discussed further in our Risk Management section.

More about the summit

Integrated Corporate Governance, Risk Management, and Sustainability Summit


At Ayala, ESG underpins everything we do and strengthens the resilience of our companies and communities. Our annual Integrated Corporate Governance, Risk Management, and Sustainability Summit held on October 21, 2021, put the spotlight on key environmental, social, and governance factors crucial to forging the path towards financial recovery and long-term sustainability.

Insights were drawn through meaningful discussions with thought leaders and ESG experts. Amid our complex new reality, ESG is shaping the way organizations address demands from different stakeholders and meet expectations for heightened social engagement and corporate citizenship.

During his keynote address, aptly titled “ESG as a Pathway to Recovery,” President and CEO Fernando Zobel de Ayala announced: “As Ayala’s concrete contribution to the well-being of future generations of Filipinos, we are announcing our commitment to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. We are aligning ourselves with the global movement for climate action as our way to help secure our country’s future from the threats brought by climate change. We believe that we have the capabilities and collective will to make this happen.”

As Ayala’s concrete contribution to the well-being of future generations of Filipinos, we are announcing our commitment to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.”Fernando Zobel de Ayala, President and CEO

Ayala’s announcement of its net-zero GHG ambition came ahead of the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26), where signatories to the Paris Agreement reported on their progress since 2015. In April 2021, the Philippines submitted its first nationally determined contribution to the Paris Agreement, committing to a projected GHG emission reduction and avoidance target of 75 percent by 2030.

We believe accelerating climate action is vital to our sustainability and resilience. Despite the challenges of COVID-19, global companies are moving towards net-zero emission. Capital has been flowing towards sustainable investments, as a growing number of investors and lenders walk away from carbon-intensive sectors. While our net-zero ambition entails risks and costs, we see it as a long-term investment for future generations, making Ayala a catalyst and partner for net-zero transition in the Philippines.

The annual Integrated Governance, Risk Management, and Sustainability Summit presents a collaboration of individuals from global organizations, working for a better future.

One of the annual key summits in the Ayala Group is the Integrated Corporate Governance, Risk Management, and Sustainability Summit. Attendance earns executives four hours-worth of credit by the SEC.

Called “The Board’s Agenda: A Pathway to Recovery through ESG,” the summit is discussed further in our Risk Management section on page 85.

It is in the same event that Ayala Corporation’s President and CEO, Fernando Zobel de Ayala, publicly declared Ayala’s commitment to Net-Zero: GHG Emissions, solidifying Ayala’s aim to contribute positively to the environment.


Championing Employee Rights

We acknowledge the critical role we play in ensuring that as a responsible employer, our workforce is accorded the respect it deserves. Our reporting framework reflects our commitment to the Global Compact Network Philippines, and upholding the 10 UNGC principles on Human Rights, Labor, Environment, and Anti-corruption.

Ayala continues to uphold the employees’ right to freedom of association and collective bargaining. This includes processes in settling disputes amicably and the opportunity for employees to express their right to receive economic value that is commensurate with their contribution to the company.

The following companies have labor unions:

Company# of Labor
% of Employees Covered by CBA
(Mapua Only)

Ayala strictly enforces its policy on Child Labor and Forced or Compulsory Labor. There were no incidents of child and forced labor reported across the group.

Occupational Health and Safety

The onset of the pandemic showed the importance of mental health to Ayala employees, with people juggling their home responsibilities with work while coping with the loss of social interaction. Bosses became aware of this predicament, and Ayala Corporation intensified its efforts in supporting employees’ wellbeing.

What began as a response to pandemic- related stress evolved into company-wide mental health support. Through various employee surveys, our business units continued to check their employees’ mental health status. Ayala continued to support its workforce, ensuring that while profits are still needed during the pandemic, employee wellbeing is not sacrificed.

Through the Learning and Development unit, a series of self-help materials were shared to employees on topics like:

  • How to manage stress levels
  • How to meaningfully engage online
  • How to do digital decluttering
  • Self-care
  • Establishing mental health support

Mental Health Support

Across the group, HR teams conducted virtual activities such as town halls, kapihan sessions, special occasion celebrations, and other mini-activities to engage employees outside of work to provide a breather and contribute to a positive mental health.

We provided mental health support to our employees and partnered with Mind You to provide preventive therapy and counseling session opportunities to employees who seek help. This initiative supplements the service offered by our resident psychologists, who are available for consultations every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month.

Some resources are specific to certain business units. Globe provides support through its HOPELINE, which offers free mental health support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. ACEN also established an online counseling and psychological well-being hotline and channel, which are available for its employees.

Flexible Work Arrangements

Ayala Corporation also remained enforcing work-where-effective, acknowledging that giving the employees the option to work where they feel safest is beneficial throughout this pandemic.

Employee Engagement Roadshows

To determine how to improve our employee engagement, we conducted roadshows across the Ayala group. We discovered that some direct supervisors in their respective business units intentionally attended learning sessions, seeking guidance from HR on learning sources, and constantly checking if they were being effective managers, and were positively contributing to their co-workers’ mental health.

Wellness Activities

Throughout the year, Ayala provided online wellness activities, such as yoga sessions, mindfulness webinars, and other sessions that encourage physical activities, which employees can do while working from home. Ayala always ensures that its employees are in a safe, conducive, and rewarding workspaces to motivate them as they achieve their professional goals.


Business units in labor-intensive sectors such as Ayala Land, Globe, IMI, ACEN, AC Infra, and Manila Water regularly monitor their Occupational Health and Safety statistics.

With pandemic health risks, business units that needed employees onsite continued to make structural changes to increase employee protection.

Ayala Group continued to institute basic sanitary and disinfecting measures in its work areas, and this was enforced across the group. All companies continued to roll out their vaccination programs under the Ayala Vaccine and Immunization Program (AVIP), implemented by AC Health.

IMI, Ayala’s manufacturing arm, strictly enforces COVID-19 prevention initiatives. This includes a shuttle service and antigen/RT-PCR testing for its employees. For its skeletal force, they continued to apply a stay-in program where employees who lodge for free in the work premises for a specified amount of time.

Beyond COVID-19 prevention measures, ACEI recently established its HSSE policy to standardize safety practices across all sites.

As for Globe, it maintains compliance with the local workplace health and safety regulations and even received enterprise-wide certification on ISO 45001:2018. Its Employees and Safety and Health, and Environment (SHE) Committee remains diligent in monitoring unsafe acts and conditions across company premises.

CompanyTotal number of
non-disabling injuries
for employees
Total number of
disabling injuries
for employees
Total number of
fatalities (employees)
Safe man-hours
Ayala Land208110108,295,600.00
AC Infra22114,240,172,74
Manila Water220048,297,811.00

In caring for our employees, we at Ayala go beyond the minimum requirements, ensuring they receive the optimum support needed to attain their professional aspirations and their personal goals.

We aim to set a social target as we explore social frameworks best suited for our diverse workforce.

Product Quality and Safety

Ayala Corporation’s various business units measure their performance using product and service quality and determine customer satisfaction ratings. Below are the 3-year results:

Ayala LandCSAT899595
GlobeNET Promoter Score27*32.4
Manila WaterService Complaints Resolution999798
Billing Complaints Resolution989398
IMI PhilippinesCSAT4.64.524.55
AC Motors
CSAT (sales)969698
CSAT (services)939497
AC Motors
CSAT (sales)909198
CSAT (services)898993
AC Motors
CSAT (sales)859498
CSAT (services)888195
AC Infra LRMCCustomer Complaint Resolution Rate100100100

* No aggregated score available, please refer to the Ayala 2020 Integrated Report (page 116) for the breakdown

Customer Privacy

Ayala puts prime importance on the fundamental right to privacy of its customers. To ensure that businesses across the group are mindful of the Data Privacy Act, various training programs on this subject are annually conducted for all employees.

Security Practices for Customer Safety

In efforts to protect customers from the effects of COVID-19, organizations across the group have, at the minimum, ensured that they implement all safety protocols and disinfection requirements.

The companies also established significant enhancements to allow for productive and meaningful customer experience while minimizing contact and risk of COVID-19 transmission.

We are committed to a holistic approach to improving customer experience, ensuring data privacy protection and addressing health safety concerns.