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Employee Engagement and Mental Health
Training and Development
Occupational Health and Safety
Child Labor
Forced Labor
Product Quality and Safety
Customer Privacy
Security Practices

Ayala Corporation engages and cares for our partners in creating meaningful impacts in our to our employees, customers, and overall, in our society. We continue to encourage diversity among our ranks, from the management down, hiring based on competence and experience regardless of gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, color, religion, age, marital status, disability, economic status, or political affiliation.

Our compensation and benefits packages are some of the most competitive among employers, and we endeavor to make our employees feel supported in ways beyond their salaries.

What began as programs to help them cope with the effects of the pandemic has evolved into regular avenues of support addressing their health–physical, mental, and social. Ayala Corporation provided some relief from the stresses of the pandemic. We have continued all these efforts to aid their survival and growth, with learning and development courses and other activities.

Strict observance of health and safety protocols show how much we value our employee and customer wellbeing. Strict observance of health and safety protocols show how much we value our employee and customer wellbeing - and this extends to their data privacy. Among our priorities is also customer satisfaction wherein we monitor the ratings to gain insights on how best to maintain or improve our products and services.

How We Manage Our Impacts


  • Recruitment, Compensation and Retrenchment Policy

  • Employee Development and Industrial Relations Policy

  • Occupational Health and Safety, and Hazards Management Policy

  • Policy on Child Labor and Forced or Compulsory Labor


  • Board, Management Teams, Operational Teams and Human Resources Teams

Stakeholder Engagement

  • Employees

  • Customers


Relevant SDGs

2021 Performance Overview

Inclusive Workplace85.4K Direct hires
11.8K New hires
1 : 1.33 Male to female ratio
Training and Advancement2.4 M Total training hours