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Workplace Experience and Future of Work

Ayala’s Human Resources Council led by Ayala Corporation’s Chief Human Resource Officer, fosters and harnesses synergy to improve human resource services across the group. It also shares best practices to adapt and ride the wave of developments shaping human capital.

In order to continue to be the employer of choice, Ayala acknowledges trends such as the growing number of millennials in the workforce (projected to reach 75 percent by 2025)i

Ernst & Young, “Global generations A global study on work-life challenges across generations”
, emphasis on workplace experience, and flexible working arrangement, among others. The council studies their impact into its businesses and adapts to the changing expectations of the new workforce.

Employee Engagement

Ayala gives premium to the holistic development— professional and personal growth—of its employees, aware that the most important aspect of productivity is the human element. An employee whose potentials are nurtured is motivated to perform at an optimum level of efficiency.

Productivity is further enhanced given right working conditions. Across the Ayala group, this is a shared conviction.

Every two years, the Ayala group conducts an employee engagement survey with Willis Towers Watson. Following are the results of the survey.


Overall Participation Rate

1 point and 2 points higher compared to the 2017 and 2015 overall participation rate, respectively


Overall Sustainable Engagement (SE) Score

one point lower than in 2017

The Willis Towers Watson’s framework measures engagement in three areas —Energy, Enablement, and Engagement.

Employees that consider themselves:



Energized employees find a sense of personal accomplishment in their work and in working with others in their team. As a result, they tend to have good individual, interpersonal, and emotional well-being at work.


Enabled employees believe that resources and tools are for them to do their job effectively with fewer obstacles.


Engaged employees work more than what is required to ensure success. They have a firm belief in our mission and are proud to be part of the conglomerate. A key finding indicates that Ayala group employees strongly associate with their respective brands and goals.

Key Engagement Drivers

Across the Ayala Group, the following are the strongest influencers to the Sustainable Engagement score:

  • Empowerment
  • Operating Efficiency
  • Leadership
  • Working Relationships


A good 89 percent of employees acknowledge they have sufficient authority to do their job well (two points higher than the 2017 performance). About 95 percent believe their work contributes to the company’s business objectives which give them a sense of personal accomplishment.

Our efforts to keep employees informed on important matters affecting the organization keep them empowered. In addition, 80 percent of employees appreciate that Ayala provides a climate where people can challenge and improve traditional ways of doing things (four points higher than the 2017 score). About 82 percent claim their supervisors are receptive to suggestions for change (four points higher than in 2017).

Employees also feel empowered as 78 percent see they have ample opportunities to improve their skills and grow in the company (three points higher than in 2017). The adequate recognition and non- monetary rewards provided for good performance also drive empowerment. Ayala scored 75 percent in this aspect, which is six percent points higher than the Philippine norm. About 76 percent believe their job performance is evaluated fairly, while 73 percent claim the performance review helped them improve their job performance (score is one point higher than 2017 in both areas). Employees believe the Ayala group did a good job in promoting the most competent people.

Operating Efficiency

The group acknowledges that an efficient and streamlined process enables employees. About 90 percent of our employees recognize continual efforts toward process efficiency. They also see the value of the use of appropriate technology to improve internal operating efficiency. About 80 percent say sufficient effort is being made to make processes more streamlined and cost effective. These interventions help remove obstacles and allow employees to do their jobs effectively.


High confidence in senior management decisions keeps employees highly engaged. Ayala scored higher than the Philippine norm on this metric. In addition, 82 percent consider management decisions to be consistent with Ayala values. The high performance on this aspect is due to several factors. Primarily, 85 percent are convinced their management is interested in the well-being of the employees. Secondly, 91 percent believe their respective companies operate with integrity in its external dealings with customers and suppliers, among others. In fact, 79 percent of employees say internal processes are geared toward providing the best possible service to external clients.

Results also show that employees have high regard for the standards of integrity across the organization, such that the majority are willing to report instances of dishonest or unethical practices to appropriate levels of authority without fear of reprisal.

Finally, the workforce appreciates the way feedback and recognition are provided. About 80 percent declare they get regular feedback on their performance from their supervisors and 83 percent say their supervisor gives recognition for a job well done.

Working Relationships

Good working relationships make teams more effective and energized. A healthy exchange of ideas is crucial for achieving the team’s deliverables. Fundamental to maintaining good working relations is how each employee feels respected. A good 88 percent of employees say they are treated with respect regardless of their role. Employees find good allies in the people within and outside their teams in achieving their deliverables and in managing stress levels.

Below are some initiatives of Ayala companies on employee engagement informed by the results of the 2017 employee engagement survey. Responses to key concerns of employees in Ayala Corporation are available here (link to Sustainability Commitment page > Stakeholder Engagement section > Employees subsection)

  • Ayala Land
  • BPI
  • Globe
  • IMI
  • AC Infra
  • AC Health
  • iPeople

Highlighted company practices

A holistic approach is in place for Ayala Land’s Wellness Campaign, which aims to look after the mental and physical health, nutrition, and volunteer involvement of its employees.

The bank integrated its product and channel teams that focus on specific customer segments. This ensures clarity of roles and fosters collaboration among the employees.

The company shifted to a No-Bell-Curve Performance Evaluation for all its employees. It also gives its employees one day of Volunteer Time-Off to pursue their personal advocacy every year.

Aside from making sure its employees are aware of their total compensation package, including company cost on non-monetized benefits, IMI also conducts financial wellness programs for them.

LRMC conducts focus group discussions with the CEO and senior management where employees can relay concerns and issues at work, and where management cascades initiatives to establish a culture of excellence.

Entrego established clubs for employees sharing the same interests and passion, and a committee that draws up monthly activities.

AF Payments conducts regular “Kamustahan with CEO” sessions to discuss key issues and progress. It also mounts company-wide team building sports activities.

Generika has launched GeneriKares, a holistic approach to employee engagement that includes wellness programs, employee recognition, sports fests, and social responsibility initiatives.

MedGrocer conducts a monthly pulse and bi-monthly townhalls to present latest and upcoming developments and to understand employee concerns.

AIDE conducts appraisals and provides awards and recognition monthly.

Schools conduct regular consultation with different employee groups such as the negotiated increase in benefits for employees in Mapua. Service awards are also given to its employees for their loyalty and dedication.

Enhanced Workplace Experience

Ayala companies continue to improve processes, initiatives, and programs in human resources – from recruitment, training and development, provision of relevant work tools, among others.

  • Ayala Land
  • BPI
  • Globe
  • Manila Water
  • IMI
  • AC Infra
  • AC Health

Highlighted company practices

Various digital initiatives helped improve employee services. The company also started an idea generation program to harness employees’ innovativeness and creativity in delivering services to employees through a simplified, efficient, and sustainable approach.

Capabilities on information systems were improved significantly. A mobile app where employees can view their pay slips, absences, and leaves on the go was also introduced. Moreover, the bank launched its flexible benefits program, which initially covers officers and specialists.

Digitization enhances employee service. The company’s Employee Virtual Assistance System facilitates management of employees’ travel and expense spending, among others. A flexible benefit program and flexible work arrangement for eligible employees are also offered.

Employees have the option to work from its Work Hubs a few times a week.

IMI has adopted a Teleworking Policy enabled by modern technology and as a response to changing workforce expectations.

Work from home arrangements are available for certain LRMC employees. The company also runs health and wellness programs.

Huddle rooms, quiet rooms, and open offices make Entrego’s workplace unique and appealing.

AF Payments offers flexible working arrangements on an as-needed basis.

Generika and MedGrocer optimize the use of technology tools to promote collaboration and engage the millennial workforce.

AIDE employees are allowed to work remotely or work with flexible schedules.

Ayala ensures safety in the workplace guided by its policies on child and forced labor, occupational health and safety, and hazard management. Ayala does not employ children and does not encourage forced labor across its operations. Furthermore, companies observe strict compliance with relevant rules and regulations on occupational health and safety. We strive to ensure a safe and healthy working environment for our employees. We work with our suppliers to ensure that they, too, adhere to the same standards.

COMPANYTotal number of 
non-disabling injuries for employeesTotal number of disabling injuries for employeesTotal number of fatalities (employees)Safe manhours (employees)
Ayala Land26833188,135,950.00
IMI64 9044,669,530.00
AC Energy19103,281,791.86
AC Infra10202,030.361.00
Manila Water2103,822,578.50

Inclusive Workplace

Provided with equal opportunities, a diverse workforce opens companies to innovative ideas that improve the value creation process. The Ayala group provides equal opportunities and strictly enforces its Recruitment, Compensation, and Retrenchment Policy, which does not discriminate on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, political affiliation, among others.

  • Ayala Land
  • Globe
  • Manila Water
  • IMI
  • AC Infra

Highlighted company practices

Ayala Land implements its anti-discrimination policy and there were no reports of discrimination this year.

Inclusivity and diversity in the workplace is a priority. The company created the Pride@Globe Workplace Group for the LGBTQI+ community. This was followed by a Diversity Policy where dependents of legally married same-sex couples can avail of the same company benefits with the rest of the employee force.

There is a good mix of female and male leaders in the company. There are venues in the company where employees share and learn from the water crisis experience.

IMI’s Global Hiring Policy ensures a fair, non-discriminatory, and equitable hiring process. With the very tight global talent market, IMI is revisiting requirements for educational attainment for its applicants.

LRMC promotes Gender and Development (GAD) principles from hiring to career development.

AF Payments implements a policy against discrimination, harassment, and bullying of any kind.

Talent Development and Future of Work

Ayala companies offer various training programs, e-learning platforms, and support in pursuing post- graduate degrees to develop the employees’ full potential – professionally and personally.

Ayala recognizes that digitalization will propel its businesses to the future and this requires acquisition of new skill sets for its employees. The conglomerate formed a group of data analytics professionals in support of digital transformation.

  • Ayala Land
  • BPI
  • Globe
  • Manila Water
  • AC Infra
  • AC Health
  • iPeople

Highlighted company practices

To harness creative ideas that will help improve the business and help build a sense of fulfillment among employees, Ayala Land launched its Innovation Challenge.

Through various classroom training sessions, BPI provided more opportunities on leadership development for frontline leaders and management trainees. Executive coaching and strategy-aligned programs were also offered to all high potential and high performing senior officers. Moreover, a new set of leadership competencies was included in the company’s Performance Management System.

Learning requirements of its employees are managed through Globe University. In 2019, it highlighted these courses: 5G Overview, Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) Fundamentals, Cloud, Data Science, and Agile. Its Data Scientists Program trained 39 fresh graduates from different universities.

Manila Water’s key talent development programs include Leadership Excellence and Development, Manila Water Institute of Technology, and Cadetship Program.

LRMC implements a Leadership and Competency Development Programs. It also benchmarks with other rail industries for best practices.

Generika launched PharmAcademy, a comprehensive learning curriculum that provides technical training programs for its personnel such as licensed pharmacists. PharmAcademy also offers behavioral and business skills training for pharmacy assistants and supports employees and franchisees within the Generika network.

Schools under iPeople give incentives for research publication and research opportunities for faculty members. In addition, upskilling teachers with outcomes-based education, blended learning, and constructivist approaches are conducted.


In 2019, Ayala companies provided more than 3.8 million hours worth of training for its workforce, averaging about 60 hours of formal training per employee.

as of 14 August 2020

Customer Experience and Protection

Several global trends shape customer behavior and expectations across industries. Knowing how to optimize opportunities, these trends play a vital role in the success of businesses. These include the following:


Emphasis on
customer experience

closing the gap between client expectations and a company’s capacity to meet them; knowing that consumers are willing to pay more to save time and for a good customer service; consumers will expect the same level of service, regardless of industry

Growing concern
for data privacy

We utilized quantitative and qualitative criteria and a multi-step management approach to fund new or existing businesses.

Empowered and
conscious customers

We continue to balance our holdings to crystalize value.

Always putting customers first, Ayala considers these trends in drawing up innovative approaches to increase customer value, improve customer experience, and empower consumers including those with limited access to basic goods and services.

Customer Experience

Several global trends shape customer behavior and expectations across industries. Knowing how to optimize opportunities, these trends play a vital role in the success of businesses. These include the following:

  • Ayala Land
  • BPI
  • Globe
  • Manila Water
  • AC Motors
  • AC Infra
  • AC Health
  • iPeople

Highlighted company practices

To help develop programs attuned to customer needs, Ayala Land established a platform which facilitates improved analytics. This sales information platform is constantly refined and enhanced.

The Customer Assistance Program ensures that all feedback from customers and potential customers are well handled within the bank’s consumer protection policies. The bank continuously conducts information and education campaigns through its Financial Consumer Protection Program.

With a deeper understanding of customer needs and challenges, Globe reimagines end-to-end processes and delivers relevant omni-channel enabling capabilities for a frictionless customer experience. The company empowers its frontliners to serve customers better by focusing on more value-adding tasks and elevating the quality of their interactions with customers.

As a response to water availability issues, Manila Water now provides additional water supply by producing 100 million liters per day of potable water from Cardona Water Treatment Plant.

Customers have more choices as a wide array of automotive models are available. After sales support includes sending periodic maintenance reminders to ensure that their vehicles remain in good condition.

LRMC developed a mobile application, IkotMNL, which provides information on crowd volume and train arrival time. The company continues to improve its facilities such as replacement of tracks in the heritage line and expansion of the EDSA Station.

AF Payments continuously develops the beep™ mobile app as a tool for a seamless customer user experience. This also includes working with partners for a convenient app-based loading and for expanded usage of QR ticketing.

MCX provides better experience for its customers through its strict adherence to its maintenance plan and regular customer service training of its personnel.

Entrego continuously improves and develops its customer service channels including enhanced training for its frontliners.

Generika provides its customers with a printed instruction, Gamot Guide, on responsible medicine intake, proper storage, and side effects of certain medicines. Customers may also avail of MedPadala, an electronic gift certificate, which they can send to their loved ones to ensure that money is spent on medicines.

MedGrocer integrates patient counselling in medicine delivery. The company also partners with health management organizations and pharmaceutical companies for medicine subsidies.

AIDE continues to develop its app for a seamless experience. It also partners with more medical service providers, health maintenance organizations, and insurance companies.

To ensure holistic growth and formation, all schools offer additional institutional co-curricular activities. Mapua University and Malayan Colleges implement online application and exams for prospective students.

Ayala companies monitor customer satisfaction using relevant metrics to their industry. Following are the results of customer satisfaction surveys for the last three years:

Ayala Land


Percent of tenants satisfied with property management services


Net Promoter Score

A measure of how likely customers recommend its service to others (-100% means everybody are detractors while +100% means everybody are promoters)

Manila Water

Service complaints resolution

Service complaints resolution


Billing complaints resolution

Percent of billing-related complaint resolved

IMI Philippines


Scoring guideline that cover specific customer requirements such as Quality, Cost, Delivery, and Responsiveness that are defined and agreed with customers


CSAT (sales)

Percent of customers who are satisfied with new vehicle sales


CSAT (services)

Percent of customers who are satisfied with vehicle service provided


CSAT (sales)

Percent of customers who are satisfied with new vehicle sales


CSAT (services)

Percent of customers who are satisfied with vehicle service provided


CSAT (sales)

Percent of customers who are satisfied with new vehicle sales


CSAT (services)

Percent of customers who are satisfied with vehicle service provided


CSAT (internal)

Percent of customers who are satisfied with Generika’s services based on internal measurement


CSAT (external)

Percent of customers who are satisfied with Generika’s services based on third party measurement


CSAT (internal)

Percent of customers who are satisfied with MedGrocer’s services based on internal measurement


CSAT (external)

Percent of customers who are satisfied with MedGrocer’s services based on third party measurement


Net promoter score

e A measure of how likely customers recommendits service to others (-100% means everybody are detractors while +100% means everybody are promoters)


resolution rate

Percent of complaints resolved


Customer Protection

Ayala ensures the safety of its customers within its facilities by deploying well-trained security personnel in their vicinity and by training our employees on emergency drills.

Beyond safety from physical threats, Ayala also puts importance on protecting the fundamental right to privacy of its customers in compliance with the Data Privacy Act. Data privacy trainings are conducted for all employees annually.

  • Ayala Land
  • BPI
  • Globe
  • IMI
  • AC Infra
  • AC Health

Highlighted company practices

Goals for the company’s digital transformation: To create a better, faster, and relevant online experience for its customers aligned with the Data Privacy Act.

The bank conducts Privacy Impact Assessment on new and existing processes, systems, projects, and products. Appropriate data processing safeguards are implemented consistent with the bank's risk strategy to maintain data confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

The company expanded the size of its cyber security team, adopted world-class standards, and ran indepth Privacy Impact Assessments with external partners as customer protection initiatives. Its Advanced Security Operations Center continues to deliver cyber security-related services for both the company and the network of its customers.

The EMS company conducted data penetration testing and information security audits.

With regard to security within its facilities, the company has installed x-rays to ease inspection and CCTV and roving guards for added security.

AF Payments promotes transparency by clearly stating in its Terms and Conditions what the data gathered will be used for.

Entrego organized a data privacy team in accordance with the Data Privacy Act.

Generika conducts a Privacy Impact Assessment prior to the launch of selected projects. The company also launched the e-learning module for the Data Privacy Act, which was cascaded to the Head Office, warehouse, and store personnel.

MedGrocer engages its medicine suppliers for Privacy Impact Assessments.

AIDE set up data protection protocols, both technological and physical, to avoid data breaches.

Customer Empowerment

Ayala provides options and resources to customers to give them more control over their purchases and the kind of experience they want to have. This includes providing assistance to vulnerable groups for better access to our products and services and offering more options for a sustainable lifestyle.

  • Ayala Land
  • BPI
  • Globe
  • AC Infra

Highlighted company practices

Ayala Land has a digital platform which enables residential customers to keep track of their property transactions. Specific to Ayala Malls, the Zing App provides customers incentives and special rewards and personalized experience to explore the mall. Likewise, Ayala Malls continues to provide priority shopping experience to persons with disabilities, senior citizens, and pregnant women through dedicated facilities such as wheel-in-service, dedicated parking slots, and priority lanes, among others.

The bank offers a wide range of innovative financial products including options for low-income and underserved segments. For its corporate clients, the company promotes investments in industries that strengthen urban and countryside development and that adopt cleaner, low carbon, and resource-efficient technologies.

Through Amazon Connect, Globe transforms hotline experience and better equips customers to resolve their concerns and inquiries. Its chatbot and virtual assistants, Gie and Thea, are now embedded in all digital channels. Its GlobeOne and GlobeAtHome mobile applications empower customers to manage their accounts. Globe Community allows its customer community to exchange learning and get help from each other.

LRMC gives priority to PWDs, pregnant women, children, and the elderly by dedicating the first light rail vehicle in each train set, assigning a different queuing line, providing wheelchair area inside the train, and ensuring operational elevators and escalators.

With the beep™ Card Expiry Extension Program, AF Payments gives its cardholders the option of extending the validity of their cards by another year thereby reducing the need to purchase a new card and dispose of the old.