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Workplace and the future of work

Ayala continues to emphasize inclusivity, skills enhancement, employee engagement, health and safety, as well as adaptability to disruptions in the workplace. In 2020, Ayala registered more than 68,000 direct hires which is composed of both permanent and temporary employees. Overall, there was a 6 percent decrease from the previous year which was an effect of the pandemic. Permanent and temporary employees decreased by 4 percent and 25 percent, respectively. Ayala strove to keep its workforce and when situations demanded otherwise, positions that could be transferred were reassigned to other business units. When this final effort was not possible anymore, redundated employees were duly supported by ensuring that they received due compensation.

In terms of the Support Staff category, the base significantly decreased by 29 percent with the majority of the business units cutting down on this aspect of the workforce. AC Energy, however, by virtue of the nature of its business and added operations, increased the engagement of support staff by 517 percent.

Inclusive Workplace

Ayala implements a Recruitment, Compensation, and Retrenchment Policy to ensure inclusivity and non-discrimination. Ayala does not discriminate against any person’s gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, color, religion, age, marital status, disability, economic status, and political affiliation. All applicants are given fair opportunity, and are evaluated on the basis of skills, qualifications, and experience. Persons with disabilities have also been hired by some business units, recognizing their competencies and skills that are aligned with the job opening at hand.

At the end of 2020, Ayala Corporation recorded more than 60,000 direct permanent employees, composed of about 26,700 male and about 35,100 female, giving a male to female ratio of 1:1.31. Notably, 26 percent of females are part of Senior Management, indicating that Ayala accords importance to the career development of women. Overall, women comprise 57 percent of the population in the Ayala group. The current landscape of Permanent employees of Ayala shows a young workforce with the majority of the population belonging to the rank-and-file bracket.

Employee Demographics
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Training and Advancement
  • Championing Employee Rights

Ayala provides competitive compensation and benefits packages that are benchmarked against industry standards. For senior executives and key talents, Ayala offers a long-term incentive program. In April 2020, the Board approved the grant under the stock ownership program to eligible executives from the 3 percent of the company’s authorized capital stock allocated by the stockholders. The basis for the grant is consistent outstanding performance record over a period of three years. The grant price is based on the roundedoff volume weighted average prices of the stock at the Philippine Stock Exchange over the last five-day trading from March 13 to 23, 2020.

Ayala adheres to Philippine regulations on parental leaves, including maternity, paternity, and solo-parent leaves. Percentages of those who returned after availing parental leaves are high. Across the group, 74 percent of those who availed of maternity leave returned, whereas 96 percent who availed for paternity and 92 percent who availed for solo parent leave have also returned to the workforce.

Professional development is a hallmark for Ayala as a preferred employer, hence, it ensures the full implementation of its Employee Development and Industrial Relations Policy.

Both internal and external opportunities in the form of academic, professional, technical, or industry-related training, career development programs, conferences, workshops, and certification courses are available to staff and are offered fairly and without discrimination.

The pandemic helped us to hasten the shift of our trainings into a digital format, focusing on the following objectives:

  • Increase their knowledge in their current role
  • Develop functional skills
  • Explore lessons of their interest
  • Improve mental health
  • Adjust to the new normal and work-from-home set-up

In 2020, the total training hours for the Ayala group reached more than 4.2 million hours. This gives an average of 69 training hours or about nine work days of training per employee. Business units trained their frontliners on how to better protect themselves from illness. This is supported by other initiatives to ensure their safety as they continue to perform their tasks in the workplace. In the case of AC Health, where Healthway acquired FamilyDOC, additional trainings were given that are related to change management to help staff adjust to new structures and work arrangements.

The Ayala Group also upholds the employees’ freedom of association for collective bargaining to ensure the amicable settlement of disputes, and that employees receive the right economic value befitting their contribution at work. Across the group, business units such as ALI, BPI, GLOBE, and MWC have unions that peacefully and proactively negotiate with their respective managements. Notably, the parent company has not received any information on violations of laws pertaining to labor and employment issues.


as of 21 December 2020

Employee Engagement During The Pandemic

Ayala stresses the importance of employee engagement as it places a premium on holistic development covering the professional and personal growth of its employees. The company aims to nurture potentials so that employees are motivated to perform at an optimum level of efficiency. To this end, Ayala's HR Council strengthened efforts in light of the challenges presented by the pandemic. Regular COVID-19 advisories were sent out in collaboration with AC Health and various local government units (LGUs). While majority of the workforce are in a work-from-home setting, innovations in employee engagement were introduced to continue reaching out to the employees. Continuing conversations with employees is a priority and this called for initiatives such as: (1) Virtual Townhalls, (2) Informal virtual gatherings, (3) Pulse surveys and focus group discussions

To further promote health and safety, Ayala designed and implemented ACE Bot. This gives employees their daily assessment and risk assessment through a series of questions about any symptoms they feel and level of exposure to other individuals within their immediate vicinity. At the end of the survey, it informs the user of his or her level of risk (low, medium, or high) and gives advice on succeeding steps to take depending on the result. Engagement activities implemented are continuing in light of the pandemic.

  • Virtual Fridays
  • Online Employee Informal Activities
  • Service Awards
  • Online wellness activities
  • Meet the executives
  • Ready access to RT-PCR Tests
  • Mental Health Instructor-led program and pathway

This is a regular townhall where employees receive the latest update on the situation of the organization from the senior leaders. The audience are also given the chance to ask any question related to the agenda and these are answered live by the leaders. Majority of the discussions in these sessions are on COVID-19 related efforts, vaccinations, and strategies explored by Ayala for the workforce to safely and gradually return to the office premises.

To give the workforce a breather, various fun activities were conducted through programs such as Fun Fridays or Break O'clock. Short virtual concerts were also held, including special celebrations that involve family members such as the virtual Halloween Party.

The ceremony was held virtually to continue giving credence to the efforts of employees who have long been part of Ayala. We ensured that despite the challenging times, their continuous efforts and rendering of excellent service will be rewarded accordingly.

This includes yoga sessions, mindfulness webinars, and other physical activities to encourage the employees to not remain sedentary, especially with the work-from-home arrangement.

Ayala arranged informal sessions with executives where employees are given the opportunity to interact with them and ask any questions whether professional or personal. This helped the employees to relate better to the executives.

We provided readily accessible swab testing facilities to our employees, ensuring their health and safety as we adjusted to the effects of the pandemic on day-to-day life.

The difficulties of 2020 were far-reaching and had affected most people’s mental health and well-being. We ensure that this aspect of the holistic wellness of our employees are not neglected.

Employee Demographics


Ayala strictly ensures that employees are working in a safe and conducive environment. Trainings on disaster preparedness and other activities on health and safety are also regularly provided to the workforce.

The table below shows the 2020 occupational health and safety statistics of some Ayala companies participating in labor intensive sectors

Safe man hours are calculated by multiplying the number of workers by the total hours worked. The calculation reverts to zero and starts again in cases of fatalities.

Ayala does not condone force labor or child labor. As a member of the UN Global Compact Network Philippines, which supports principles on Human Rights and Labor, we enforce a Policy on Child Labor and Forced or Compulsory Labor, which acknowledges that employers have important roles to play and are responsible for ensuring that the workforce is treated with dignity and respect.

The Ayala Group lives up to its goal of being the employer of choice by providing a safe, fair, engaging, and rewarding work space. This enabling environment stimulates employees to rise beyond their potential and creates motivated partners in the journey to sustainable development.

  Customer Experience and Protection

The GRI Standards and SASB indicates that product quality and safety, customer privacy, and security practices are vital components of customer experience and protection.

Ayala puts these factors in priority when creating innovative approaches to empower customers and increase product value to a broader consumer base, including those with limited access to goods and services.

Product Quality and Safety

Ayala continuously provides relevant, high-quality, and value adding products and services especially during the pandemic.

  • On real estate
  • On financial services
  • On water and wastewater services
  • On fintech
  • On e-commerce
  • On medicines
  • On local community products

Ayala Land follows various standards and guidelines in the building and maintenance of their properties, spanning across four major segments:

  • Architecture, Research and Development
  • Land Development
  • Structural Integrity
  • Mechanical Electrical Plumbing Fire and Safety (MEFPS)

For Architecture, Research and Development, Ayala Land follows various codes and LGU guidelines such as the National Building Code of the Philippines (PD 1096), the BP 344 Accessibility Law to help enhance the mobility of disabled persons, and the Philippine Green Building. Where applicable, they ensure that they acquire tree cutting and earth balling permits from DENR or the Community Environment and Natural Resources Office.

For Land Development, Ayala Land follows local codes and guidelines on site grading and road design, storm drainage system, water supply system, and sewerage collection.

Ayala Land ensures that all its buildings and structures undergo a stringent technical due diligence process against seismic, liquefaction, flood, storm surge, landslides and volcanic hazards. In terms of structural design, it adheres to the National Structural Code of the Philippines, as well as the American Concrete Institute Code (ACI 318M-14), the American Society of Civil Engineers Code (ACSE 7-10), the American Institute of Steel Construction (AICS 07) the International Building Code (IBC 09), as well as the Uniform Building Code (UBC 1997). In both the construction and operational stages, the organization regularly conducts quality assurance and control checks.

All properties are compliant with all nationally mandated mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire and safety requirements. More notably, all developments are compliant with the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers Standard on advance heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration and the Philippine Green Building Code. On top of being compliant with the Revised Fire Code of the Philippines, it also complies with the codes and standards set by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), which is the global standard for fire and electrical safety.

Bank of the Philippine Islands upheld the same pre-pandemic prudent credit underwriting standards that ensure they grant quality loans despite the challenges of the times. BPI increased the frequency of accounts review to monitor their financial performance and assess those with recovery paths, and reached out to clients to see how we could assist them with their financial obligations (i.e. loan restructuring). Moreover, loan provisions were increased to cover for non-performing loans. Moreover, BPI continued to enhance its BPI mobile app which greatly helped Filipinos with their financial transactions during the pandemic, especially at the height of the lockdowns. It has become the second most downloaded finance app in the country.

Manila Water ensured that water quality is maintained. They continue to follow the Philippine National Standards for Drinking Water, and in doing so, Manila Water ensures the delivery of safe and potable water to its customers.

Manila Water further adheres to the National Policy on Water Safety Plan (WSP) for All Drinking-Water Service Providers. Having a Water Safety Plan is a preventive approach in managing water quality risks. The East Zone Concession revised and expanded its WSP, which was also approved by the Department of Health.

Manila Water adheres to DENR Water Quality Guidelines and General Effluent Standards of 2016, thus following strict directives on proper disposal of effluents to receiving bodies of water.

Notably, Manila Water upgraded its wastewater facilities according to the DENR Standards which required the removal of nutrients such as nitrogen, potassium, and ammonia from wastewater to reduce algal growth in water bodies.

Mynt, which operates GCash, significantly contributed in keeping the economy going during the various degrees of national lockdowns with more Filipinos using GCash, thereby increasing the volume of transactions. Mynt significantly complemented the contactless revolution, which strengthened marketing communications to educate consumers on digital payments. Moreover, GCash partnered with different government agencies and LGUs to facilitate the contactless distribution of the Social Amelioration Program through bulk GCash disbursements.

Zalora Philippines took the challenge of the pandemic as a potential catalyst to increase e-commerce adoption in the country, which has the lowest rate in Southeast Asia at two percent. As such, Zalora Philippines took steps to improve offerings and launched an “essentials” category that includes grocery, medicines, and other demand for necessities.

Generika observes Philippine FDA Good Storage and Distribution Practices and stores products in a temperature controlled storage facility. To further ensure that only acceptable shelf-life products are processed and served to customers, SAP Business One is used. Moreover, during the pandemic, they further developed a mobile app where customers can purchase medicines for delivery to their homes. On medical consultations, Healthway developed online tools to connect doctors and patients.

Ayala Foundation has community leaders who are artisans themselves and personally ensure the quality of products. These key personnel also live in the area for regular monitoring of their initiatives. The Manila-based project teams are then constantly in communication with staff who are in the community areas.

Overall, to support both product quality and safety of customers, the business units maximized technology. Online payments became a norm to facilitate ease of use for customers, allowing them to continue transacting from home.

Ayala companies follow the highest standards to maintain quality products and services. We monitor customer satisfaction using relevant metrics to their industry. The following shows the results of customer satisfaction surveys for the last three years:

Ayala Land


Percent of tenants satisfied with property management services

Manila Water

Service complaints resolution

Percent of service-related complaints resolved


Billing complaints resolution

Percent of billing-related complaint resolved

IMI Philippines


Scoring guideline that cover specific customer requirements such as Quality, Cost, Delivery, and Responsiveness that are defined and agreed with customers

CSAT (sales)

Percent of customers who are satisfied with new vehicle sales


CSAT (services)

Percent of customers who are satisfied with vehicle service provided


CSAT (sales)

Percent of customers who are satisfied with new vehicle sales


CSAT (services)

Percent of customers who are satisfied with vehicle service provided


CSAT (sales)

Percent of customers who are satisfied with new vehicle sales


CSAT (services)

Percent of customers who are satisfied with vehicle service provided


Customer Complaint Resolution Rate

Percent of complaints resolved


Net Promoter Score

A measure of how likely customers recommend its service to others (-100% means everybody are detractors while +100% means everybody are promoters

PRODUCTNPS 2020 in %
Globe Postpaid37.9
Globe Prepaid26.7
Globe Broadband Postpaid13.0
Globe Broadband Prepaid20.9
Globe Business29.6
Globe myBusiness37.4


At Ayala, we facilitated our digital transformation with the goal of creating a better, faster, and secured online experience for customers. We continue to adhere to the Data Privacy Act, ensuring that all confidential items related to our customers are handled accordingly. Data privacy trainings are conducted for all employees annually to guarantee their awareness and implementation of our data privacy measures.

At a time when the lockdowns eased and some of our facilities opened such as our malls, Ayala continues to regard customer privacy seriously by diligently exercising contact tracing protocols. We continued to maximize technology by using QR codes, thus lessening the chances for the details of customers to be mishandled – a common concern in places where contact tracing is done traditionally with pen and paper.


Ayala ensures the safety of its customers within its facilities by deploying well-trained security personnel in their vicinity and by training our employees on emergency drills.

Additional safety measures were employed to reduce risks from COVID-19. Ayala recognizes the risks of the pandemic to employees and customers and we intensified our efforts to implement the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of our stakeholders. Safety protocols closely followed guidelines from the Department of Health and the Inter-Agency Task Force. Those who had to work on site were required to wear face masks, and practice social distancing and proper hygiene.

At the Ayala Malls, frontliners and service staff were trained on safety measures. Those who directly interact with customers were required to wear masks and used thermometers at all entrances to screen for symptoms. They readied a list of nearby hospitals for those displaying symptoms, and were ready to extend assistance when necessary. High-touch surfaces such as escalator handles, railings, and elevator buttons are treated with the DOH-prescribed disinfecting solutions. Sanitizers are available at areas most frequently visited by customers.

We take public health and safety seriously and are working closely with the government to ensure compliance. We continue to assess our procedures to maintain a safe environment for our customers and employees.

Our customers are at the heart of our businesses and we go beyond in ensuring that they have a meaningful and continuous positive experience with our brand. Our various initiatives are meant to sustainably engage them as we remain their partner of choice.