AyalaPort Makati, the first purpose-built data center in the Philippines, recently entered into an agreement with IBM, the company behind the IBM e-servers, by investing in the IBM iSeries servers, also known as the AS/400.

Through this investment, AyalaPort Makati aims to further enhance its services to AS/400 users, particularly Disaster Recovery and Application Hosting services that are AS/400-based.

This translates into cost-efficiency and cost-savings for AS/400 users who wish to have their own business continuity plans or enhance or upgrade their existing server capacities.

“Companies will no longer have to make their own investments in additional servers to be able to service their expanding requirements. We all know that investing in equipment is rather costly and not every company has the flexibility to make investments at all times nor at any time when their business requires it,” says Jimmy Son, sales and marketing head of AyalaPort Makati.

“We at AyalaPort Makati would make these investments for them, thus reducing their own capital investments. We would make these enhancements and upgrade requirements available, whenever they want them. As we have always been telling our customers, with us, they have the option to start small and just scale up as their business grows,” Son adds.

Since the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in the United States, inquiries on AyalaPort Makati’s business continuity and other hosting and managed services like data storage and performance management have significantly increased.

“Market demand showed that we needed to make more investments to enhance our delivery of business continuity services and other hosting applications. All we had to do was review the requirements our customers had and using those information available to us, we needed the iSeries to fully deliver the exact requirements of our customers to satisfy them,” Son says.

Given the costs involved in setting up one’s own data center, outsourcing IT requirements is an option companies should consider. Outsourcing to AyalaPort Makati’s digital haven offers the following benefits:

  • Security. Its modern facilities offer the highest standards of physical security where only authorized personnel can gain access.
  • This is matched by advanced hardware and software systems that monitor, analyze and audit server activity and prevent unauthorized network intrusions or other abnormal activity patterns.
  • Continuity. Businesses that will locate their servers and applications in AyalaPort Makati’s data center will be given assurance that their systems are protected from interruptions triggered by security breaches, power outages, system errors, floods and seismic events, or even internal labor strife. AyalaPort Makati give new meaning to 24×7 uninterrupted operations.
  • Agility. AyalaPort Makati operating environment provides the agility to adapt to fast-changing technology.
  • AyalaPort Makati is committed to investing in and deploying advanced technologies and sharing them with customers. Customers need not continually invest in expensive technologies, in capacities beyond what they need. They can start small and scale up as their business progresses.
  • Stability. The Ayala name is AyalaPort Makati is the best guarantee for stability. The Ayala name has become synonymous with professionalism and high standards of excellence.
  • AyalaPort Makati’s partnership with leading technology providers assure customers of the latest technologies and long-term support, no matter what platform they choose.